FCC Catalyst Attrition Tester

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Vinci - Technologies offers specific equipment geared towards determining the attrition of powdered catalysts in fluidized beds as per the ASTM D5757 standard. This technology is particularly suited to FCC catalysts (fresh or steamed) of sizes ranging from 10 to 180 microns. Attrition is measured by subjecting samples to fluidization with humid air jets and the percentage of fines after a 5 hour test is given by the Air Jet Attrition (AJI).

A manual and automated versions are avaliable with the same measurement accuracy. The automated version allows the monitoring, control and recording of parameters such as operating pressure (upstream & downstream fluidized bed reactor), temperature, flow rate hygrometry, sample and fine weights by the help of external weight scale and experiment time.


* Controlled air flow at a 0,5 kg/cm2 gage  with 35% humidity content (obtained by  bubbling in a 25 cm high water column) and  at room temperature.
* Flow is restricted to  10L/min.
* An attrition disengagement section  made up of an attrition tube (made from  sapphire for rigidity and which allows air  flow) and disengaging tubes which allow  for the separation of the catalyst and the  fines.
* A fines collection section including a  specific filtering collector and a  hygrometer.
* Dimensions of the equipment comply with the  requirements of the ASTM method.