Rotating Tube and Rotating Drum Attrition Tester

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Vinci Technologies offers two different types of equipment geared towards the evaluation of the attrition and abrasion resistance of granular catalysts & adsorbents. These different machines allow for the customization of test conditions as well as the variation of the size of the fines collected at the end of the procedure. 

Catalyst samples (up to four), weighing  25 grams each, are loaded into cylindrical metal tubes implemented on a disc-shaped frame. The frame rotates at a speed of 25 rpm for one hour. The contents of each tube are subsequently recovered and sieved. The aperture of the sieve must be 2/3 of the size of the smallest granules. This implies that the size range of fines thus  obtained is larger than for  the ASTM test. The initial sample, residue and "fines" are all weighed and this allows for the determination of the attrition.

A sample of granular catalyst (or catalyst carrier, or adsorbent) is loaded in a cylindrical drum which is rotated around its axis for 30 min at a speed of 60 +/- 5 rpm. The fines produced by attrition and abrasion during the process are recovered by sieving the content of the drum with an ASTM N°20 sieve (aperture: 0.85 mm). The weighing of the residue and of the initial sample allows for the calculation of the loss on attrition.