Laboratory catalyst mixer and extruder

Click to download the datasheet of the MX0.4 Catalyst Lab mixer MX0.4.pdf Click to download the datasheet of the VTE 1 Catalyst Lab extruder VTE 1.pdf


The MX0.4 mixer and VTE1 extruder are some of the smallest catalyst shaping machines available on the market and are especially convenient for laboratories and researchers. They allow catalysts to be tested as extrudates instead of powders. This results in more reliable and accurate catalytic tests, especially for lab-made catalysts. Indeed, the fact that industrial catalysts generally exist as extrudates and not powders means it is vital to conduct tests on extrudates as well as powders. 

Two steps must be executed in order to obtain extrudates from oxide gels or powders: mixing (thoroughly mixing oxides, water, and binders together) and extrusion, whether continuous (for large product volumes) or in batches (for small volumes as those achieved in R&D labs).

The MX 0.4 is devoted to the small-scale production of industrially-relevant shaped catalysts.This equipment is designed to thoroughly mix, blend or knead paste-like and highly viscous oxides, water and binders which allows for R&D catalyst production. 

The VTE 1 is a piston-type extruder designed to form the mixed catalyst into its final shape. It is particularly well adapted to the extrusion of oxides and clay pastes after thorough mixing.

Both are well adapted to the mixing or extrusion of small quantities of oxides and clay pastes such as zeolite powders with binder and water; titanium dioxide with water; alumina gel or alumina powder with water and silica-alumina powder with water.                                                             


MX0.4 Laboratory mixer
* Working volume 100 to 400 cc 
* Working temperature of 5 to 170 °C 
* Quick disassembly of the front trough end and the blades 
* Machine made of stainless steel 
* Variable speed on blades 
* Monobloc construction 
* One cable to "plug-in" 
* Vacuum design 
* Insulation and sheathing Jacketed for heating / cooling 
* Temperature and pressure probes in trough 

VTE1 Catalyst laboratory extruder
* Manual loading
* Vertical cylinder
* Electrical jack with three pre-programmed speeds to push the product through the die by a piston
* Pressure measured during extrusion
* Standard die designed to form 4 mm diameter solid extrudates
* Dies for less conventional extrudate shapes are quoted on request


* Flexibility for mixing products of different rheologies and a high resistance to corrosion.
* Compact devices
* Easy to clean and maintain.