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Versatile Attrition Tester: Rotating Tube and Rotating Drum Attrition Testers

Vinci Technologies is pleased to introduce its new generation Versatile Attrition Tester (VAT) which can be used to perform tests according to ASTM 4058 or SPENCE standards for the rotating drum and rotating tubes respectively. 

Versatile Attrition Tester mounted with drum alongside tube attachment

  • Using the VAT as a Rotating Drum

A sample of granular catalyst ( catalyst carrier or adsorbent) is loaded into a cylindrical drum which is subsequently rotated around its axis at a speed of 60 ± 5 rpm for 1800 revolutions in total.
The fines produced by attrition and abrasion during the process are recovered by sieving the contents of the drum using an N°20 ASTM sieve (aperture: 0.85 mm).The initial sample and residue are weighed and this allows for the determination of the attrition. 

  • Using the VAT as a Rotating Tube 

Up to four catalyst samples weighing 25 grams each are loaded into cylindrical metal tubes attached to a disc-shaped frame. The frame rotates at a speed of 25 rpm for at total of 1500 revolutions. The contents of each tube are subsequently recovered and sieved. The aperture of the sieve must be 2/3 of the size of the smallest granules which implies that the size range of fines thus obtained is larger than for the ASTM test. The initial sample, residue and "fines" are all weighed and this allows for the determination of the attrition.