PVT surface sampling kit


The transfer bench is designed to transfer fluid sample from down-hole sampler to piston type sample cylinder at site location. After the sample has been transferred, the determination of the bubble point pressure can be performed for sample validation. The apparatus comes complete with hydraulic transfer pump, transfer and control valves, two precision gauges, valves, fittings, connections, accessories kit and stainless steel transportation box. All valves are accessible from the front side. The sampler is positioned horizontally in clamps above the rear and the sample cylinder to one side. A set of accessories including all the hoses and attachment necessary to the transfer operation.


The surface sampling kit consists of the following items.

- 2 flexible hoses to connect the oil and gas cylinders to the separator
         Maximum pressure: 350 bar
         Maximum temperature: 90°C
         Length: 2 m

- 1 set of connection adaptors including:
 * 5 sets of connection adapters per size for oil cylinder with the following sizes: 1/8” LP, ¼” MP, ¼” HP, ¼” NPT
 * 5 sets of ½” NPT connection adaptor for separator
 * 5 sets of type E connection adaptor for gas cylinder.

- 1 manifold to connect the hose to the oil cylinder. It includes the manometer (0-350 bar) to measure the separator oil pressure and the isolating valve connected to the vacuum pump.

- 1 manifold to connect the hose to the gas cylinder. It includes the manometer (0-200 bar) to measure the separator gas pressure and the isolating valve connected  the vacuum pump.

- 1 vacuum pump to vacuum the sample cylinder with manometer (0-1 bar),  a 1 meter hose and quick connector.

- 1 set of tools

- 1 temperature sensor to measure separator temperature

- 1 500 cc graduated burette to determine the transferred  volume of oil with manometer (0-350 bar) and isolating valve.

- Labelling accessories including one crimper, 1000 leadings, 2 sets of 10 meter leading wire rolls, 200 green labels marked “EMPTY”, 200 red labels marked “FULL”

- 1 heavy-duty carrying case to store all the previous components.