GS-series Gas shipping cylinders


The gas shipping bottle is designed for the storage and transportation of pressurized gas samples (air, Helium, gaseous hydrocarbons…). The standard aluminum bottle has a 20 liter capacity and a 3000 psi maximum internal pressure. All standard bottles are fitted with an angle needle valve at each end. The latter are protected by end-caps from handling and transportation related damage.


Capacity : 20 litres
Working temperature : -10 to 100 °C
Filling pressure : 200 bar (2,900 psi) @ 60°C 
Construction : Cylinder: Aluminium
Valves: Stainless steel
Valves : Angle needle valve
Protective end caps : provided
Dimensions OD x L : 25 x 99 cm
Weight : 26 Kg


* Transportation casing easy to stack
* Light, less than 26 Kg
* Compliant with international regulation
* H2S resistant