FES 350-Formation Evaluation System


The FES350 warrants permeability variation studies on cylindrical core samples by exposing them to an ample range of test fluids. Fluids can be axially injected through the core in either direction or tangentially circulated across one of the flat end faces. This chemically impervious device handles at temperatures up to 300 F (150 °C) all types of cleaning treatments as well as corrosive fluid injections. System operation is entirely computer controlled by an automation package that allows precise monitoring and flow path control. A Windows based Vinci software allows the user to run automated test sequences for optimum versatility. Test data is graphically displayed and logged to the hard disk at specified time intervals.


Maximum confining pressure : 6,000 psi
Maximum pore pressure : 5,000 psi
Maximum working temperature : 150°C
Core diameter : 1" and 1.5" other upon request
Core length : 1 to 12" other upon request
Flow rate : up to 36 cc/min 
Pumped Fluids: 4
Displaced Fluid: 1
N° of pressure taps: Up to 5 spaced 2 inches apart along the core (option)
Wetted parts: hastelloy, peek 
Power supply : 220VAC, 50Hz
Air Pressure requirements : 7 bar (100 psi) 


* Drilling mud tests are performed under realistic field conditions by flowing the fluids tangentially to the face of the core, thanks to a special leak-off core holder.
* Mud pump flow rate of 3 l/min max ensures an efficient shear rate to simulate the real operating conditions