PTT 700- Pressure transmission tester


Mud pressure penetration, the infiltration of drilling mud into shale formations due to rising pore pressure, poses a greater concern in water-based mud (WBM) systems with lower capillary entry pressures, potentially leading to shear failure. The PTT 700 is specifically engineered to ascertain the tendency of a fluid filtrate, subjected to overbalance pressure, to invade the shale matrix and elevate the near wellbore pore pressure. Its configuration encompasses a hydrostatic core holder, a pore fluid injection pump, a test fluid piston accumulator, upstream and downstream pressure transducers, and automated valves, all contained within a meticulously controlled temperature airbath. To regulate the confining pressure of the core sample, an automated syringe pump is employed. The computer-controlled system is furnished with bespoke software that facilitates both manual and automated operation, affording precise management over pumps, valves, pressure sensors, and data acquisition.


Maximum confining pressure : 10,000 psi
Maximum pore pressure : 10,000 psi
Maximum working temperature : 150°C
Core diameter : 1" other upon request
Core length : 0.3 to 0.7" other upon request
Wetted parts: hastelloy, peek 
Power supply : 220VAC, 50Hz
Air Pressure requirements : 7 bar (100 psi) 


* Precisely evaluates mud pressure infiltration into shale formation
* Conducts comprehensive characterization with two test cycles using pore fluid and test mud fluid
* Equipped with automated operation and data acquisition for efficiency and reliability