RELPERM-Educational relative permeameter


The Relperm measures the absolute permeabilities to liquid and gas as well as the end-point effective permeabilities of a two phase fluid system. Liquid-liquid and liquid-gas relative permeabilities can be deduced at the saturation end-points. An Excel spreadsheet calculation template allows the operator to input the sample and fluid characteristics and experimental data (pressure gradient and flow rates) after which the above mentioned permeabilities are computed via the Darcy’s law. The device is specifically designed to teach students the principles of relative permeability in a clear and efficient manner. The short duration of the experiment reinforces the practicality of this apparatus in an educational setting.


Confining pressure: 400 psi
Pore pressure: 100 psi
Temperature : ambient
Core diameter: 1" or 1''1/2
Core length: 1'' to 3''
Loading type: Hassler
Wetted material: stainless steel
N2: 2,000 psi
Power: 110-220 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz