SRP 30-Educational Steady state relative permeameter


The SRP 30 is a semi-automated relative permeameter specifically designed for educational purposes. The unit flawlessly performs steady-state brine / oil relative permeability determination studies on plug-sized core samples at moderate confining pressure and ambient temperature. A core plug is fitted into a Viton sleeve and inserted in a resistivity core holder. Liquid phases are injected through the core sample at different constant flow rates. Saturations are deduced from core resistivity measurements. Absolute  and relative permeability are determined via the Darcy method. An optional gas permeability module is also available.


Confining pressure: 1,000 psi
Pore pressure: 150 psi
Temperature : ambient
Core diameter: 1"- 1.5" (option)
Core length: 1'' to 3''
Loading type: Hydrostatic
Wetted material: stainless steel
Fluids:brine, oil
N2 requirement: 1,500 psi
Power: 110-220 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz