KEYPHI-Multi sample unsteady state gas permeameter and porosimeter

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The KEYPHI is a fully automated multi-sample permeameter and porosimeter dedicated to measuring the porosity and permeability to helium/nitrogen of plug-sized core samples at multiple confining pressures ranging from 400 psi to 10,000 psi. Moreover, the instrument is supplied with a data acquisition & calculation computer station. Gas permeability determination is achieved via the unsteady-state, pressure fall-off method, and subsequently the equivalent liquid permeability, slip and turbulence factors are obtained by linear interpolation. Porosity parameters are determined from an isothermal nitrogen expansion and the application of Boyle’s law and Charles’ law; specifically, pore volume and grain volume are obtained from using the core holder and matrix cup, respectively.


Pore Pressure: 250 psi
Confining Pressure: 400-10,000 psi
Core diameter: 1" or 1.5"
Core length: 0.75" to 3"
Permeability Range: <0.001 to >10,000 md (USS)
Porosity Range: 0.1 > 60%
Sample capacity: up to 13 samples for 1.5". and 16 samples for 1"
Helium : 400 psi N2: 500 psi
Air: 100 psi (dry)
Power: 110-220 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz