Liquid Permeameter


The robust liquid permeameter allows the determination of a plug- sized core sample’s absolute permeability at ambient temperature and moderate confining pressure. This is achieved by virtue of the steady-state method; specifically, permeability is obtained by inputting the measured pressure gradient and flow rate into Darcy’s law for one dimensional flow in porous media. The instrument comprises a hassler core holder, a fluid transfer vessel, a console with pressure digital display, 3 interchangeable burettes for various permeability ranges, an electronic timer to deduce flow rate and an Excel spread sheet calculation template. The device is specifically designed to teach students the principles of liquid permeability in a clear and efficient manner. The short duration of the experiment reinforces the practicality of this apparatus in an educational setting.


Permeability Range : 0.1 md to 5 darcy
Flow Pressure : up to 100 psi
Confining pressure : up to 400 psi
Temperature : ambient
Pressure transducer accuracy: 0.25% F.S.
Air supply : 400 psi