Berea Sandstone rock core sample


Excavated from quarries and cut to specific dimensions, these Berea SandstoneTM cores are sedimentary rocks containing sand sized (60 µm – 1 mm) grains, composed of silica-bonded quartz-sand. Their relatively (10-25%) high porosity and permeability (50 to 400 mD) easily classify them as reservoir rocks. Each rock core sample can be measured with our Poroperm instrument using customary testing methods. A test report is provided with each sample and includes core permeability to air, Klinkenberg permeability, porosity, bulk volume, dry bulk density and grain density.


Type: Berea Sandstone
Diameter: 30 mm, 1 inch, 1.5 inch or 4 inches
Length: 3 inches, 6 inches or 12 inches
Permeability range: between 50 to 400 md
Porosity range: between 10 to 25%