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Catalyst Testing Versatile unit

In order to meet its clientele’s needs, Vinci-Technologies has developed a semi-customised offer: the Catalyst Testing Versatile unit.
This modular equipment is designed to test heterogeneous catalysts in fixed or fluidized bed reactors under hydrogen or air/oxygen flow.
The reactor can be CSTR or fixed bed at the customer’s discretion and specific options such as purification, additional reactor, heat tracing, high pressure separation, high performance stripper, gas analysis connections, automatic liquid sampling, etc are offered. This allows us to cater to our customers' needs, whatever the pressure, temperature, space, velocity or feed purity constraints they may operate under. The CTV is designed to be used in a wide variety of areas and it is computerised in order to collect relevant operating parameters, catalyst bed temperatures, pressures and flow rates. 

Catalyst Testing Versatile Unit

The CTV is versatile which allows for the investigation of reactions and processes such as:

  • Selective oxidation of olefins, paraffins and aromatics in fluidized beds
  • Defluidization
  • Catalytic combustion of hydrocarbons in fixed beds
  • Steam reforming of natural gas and naphtha in fixed beds
  • Autothermal reforming of natural gas and naphtha in fixed beds
  • Hydrotreating in fixed beds, such as naphtha and middle distillate HDS, mild hydrocracking, hydrocraking first (HDN) and second stages, lube hydroisomerisation, Fischer-Tropsch paraffin upgrading and aromatic saturation
  • Hydrogenation reactions, such the selective hydrogenation of cracker cuts or of chemicals such as glucose or benzene, CO hydrogenation to methanol, higher alcohols and GTL
  • Isomerisation of short and long paraffins, olefins, aromatics such as ethylbenzene and xylenes
  • Catalytic reforming of straight run and conversion naphtha, semi- and regenerative processes

The CTV allows for the collection of industrially relevant and reliable data on catalyst performances, such as: 

  • activity, measured as a conversion or as a temperature required to attain a given conversion
  • selectivity to desired products, measured as a function of conversion
  • stability, estimated in comparison to a reference
  • response to inhibitors, measured as a reversible loss of activity
  • response to poisons, measured as an irreversible loss of activity
  • effect of activation (reduction, sulfidation)

Available options include :

  • Purification module
  • Compressor module
  • Additional reactor
  • Nitrogen deep stripping
  • Mass balance
  • Heat tracing
  • Gas analysis automatic connection
  • Automatic liquid sampling
  • CE marked or U stamped
  • Proof of explosion