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Micro Catalyst Bed unit

In order to meet the needs of academic or public laboratories, Vinci-Technologies has devoted its extensive knowledge base to improving the design, construction and mode of operation of laboratory-scale reactor and micro-scale bench top units. The MCB is a small bench top unit which allows for real time reaction monitoring. Its user-friendly interface facilitates data logging, it is overall easy to maintain and allows the user to control and reproduce specific conditions. These Micro Catalyst Bed units are modularfully automatic and designed to lower maintenance and operation costs while maintaining a very high level of safety and precision.


Micro Catalyst Bed Unit

The basic equipment is composed of a reactor section with a corresponding furnace, a separation module and two gas lines, however, additional liquid or gas lines (up to six) can be added upon request. Outlet gas products can be recovered without disturbing the reaction in order for a gas chromatography to be performed. It operates at a maximum pressure of 200 bars and a maximum temperature of 450°C. Furthermore, the gas-flow rate is of around 50 nL/h and the liquid-flow rate can go up to 300 mL/h. Finally, its reactor volume is 10 ml and it is built out of SS316 grade stainless steel.

Supported processes and reactions are detailed in the following table: