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FCC Catalyst Steam Deactivation Unit

Laboratory testing and the evaluation of fresh Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalysts involve two steps: a deactivation step and a catalytic testing step. Historically, improving the latter has been at the forefront of concerns. However, deactivation mechanisms are equally important, and for this reason Vinci-Technologies has developed efficient equipment specifically geared toward evaluating these mechanisms. 

The Steam Deactivation Unit is designed to simulate the hydrothermal deactivation of FCC catalysts in industrial units. 
The proposed steaming method is based on ASTM method D-4463 and the FCC catalyst is treated with a continuous steam flow at high temperatures. The equipment allows for the treatment of one catalyst sample, and can be optionally customised to allow for the testing of four different catalyst samples at the same time, under completely independent conditions. 
The unit is connected to an electrical rack allowing for the control of the equipment (oven, electrovalves, temperature programming, test duration, etc..).
The main specifications of the equipment are as follow:  nitrogen flow ranges from 0 - 120 Sl/h (0 - 2 Sl/mn), waterflow ranges from 0 - 200 ml/h (0 - 3.3 ml/mn), the reactor volume is 50 ml, the system operates at atmospheric pressure and the maximum oven temperature is 900°C.