Cool & medium soxhlet extractor


The CSE series are custom soxhlet extractors utilized to remove hydrocarbons from reservoir core samples with the cool and medium cleaning procedures. With continuous fluid circulation, the device warrants efficient solvent cleaning without damaging delicate minerals such as clays. Mounted on an aluminum frame, the system comprises a heater, bowl, condenser, cold solvent chamber and sample chamber. Accessories include a basket, pumice stone, tubing and various fittings. Solvent is heated up to the boiling point in a flask. The rising vapor flows in to a condenser via a pipe. Condensed solvent drips into a solvent chamber. Once the latter is full, the condensate is siphoned to the base of an independent, thermally insulated sample chamber. Cores are permanently in contact with clean liquid solvent thus enabling efficient cleaning with no risk of damage. Dirty solvent is directed back into the boiling flask where the hydrocarbons remain trapped.


Model: CSE 4"x6"
Core sample diameter: up to 4"
Core sample length: up to 6"
Extractor capacity: 2.5 liters
Boiling flask: 6 liters
Heating temperature: up to 450°C
Power supply: 110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz


* Efficient solvent cleaning of core samples without damaging delicate minerals such as clays.