Automated plugging machine


The heavy diamond-tooled drill press is specially designed to deliver various core sample sizes with an automatic, variable force, constant pressure feed. A constant pressure feed enables the coring bit to drill fast in soft rock, but the rate of penetration will automatically decrease in harder rock. The constant pressure feed uses a hydraulic actuator for smooth operation at low penetration rates. The rapid-retract position removes the coring bit from the rock therefore allowing the plug to be retrieved. The coring operation can be performed using water/oil coolant or optionally liquid nitrogen for unconsolidated samples. The core clamping assembly is mounted on the pan table. An XY table allows the pan to be correctly positioned prior the plugging. In addition to drilling vertically, the head of the drill press can be titled so that the sample is drilled at an angle.


Coring bit internal diameter: 1", 1.5", 2”
Maximum coring depth:5 inches (12.5 cm), 30 cm (option)
Drip pan dimensions: L x W x H: 1340 x 380 x 340 mm
Coring position: any position from -45° to +45°
Pan position: X: +/- 1000 mm, Y: +/-125 mm
Compatible coolant: Water, Oil , liquid N2 (option)
Drill speed: 550, 1120, 1680 RPM
Electrical: 220 VAC 1 phase, 50 or 60 Hz, 11.5 A
Weight: 300 kg
Water supply: 100 psi
Overall dimensions: L x W x H: 1700 x 680 x 2140 mm