PVD10 - Ten Sources Multi-process Evaporation Deposition System

Click to download the datasheet PVD-10.pdf


The PVD-10 is a modular cost efficient system physical vapor deposition  system. It is dedicated to the Evaporation or Sputtering deposition process of materials. The fully automated solution is ideal for small batch production in an R&D Environment.

Core system features:

* D-shape Stainless Steel chamber with sliding door & viewing port
* Up to 10 rotatable substrate holders
*  Pneumatic shutters
* Source selection switch
* Custom-made substrate holder of up to 4 inches
*  Up to 2 Quartz sensors

Deposition techniques

Thermal/organic evaporation:
* evaporation by joule effect
* up to 10 metallic or organic evaporation sources
* organic 2cc/inorganic

E – beam evaporation:
* electron beam bombardment
* 4x6cc hv source
* multiple rotatable crucibles

Magnetron sputtering:
* RF, DC or DC pulsed source power supplies
* up to 4 sources

Hybrid configuration:
* Combined sputtering & evaporation processes
* Process switching controlled by software