PVD4-SP+ Four Sources Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System


The PVD4-SP+ system differs from PVD4-SP by greater diameter chamber thereby permitting the use of magnetron cathodes larger (up to 4 inches) and the film deposition on a 6’’ sample maximum size. This system is also equipped with a load lock chamber to reach a limit pressure in the range of 10-8 mbar and faster preparation time.

The system mainly includes:

* Stainless steel chamber – 400 mm diameter 
* HV load-lock chamber
* Free port for coupling complete system to an UHV tunnel
* Up to 2’’ substrate diameter with rotation, heating, biasing
* Up to 4x 2” sputtering sources with pneumatic shutters
* Shielding against cross contamination
* Translatable crystal sensor for calibration
* RF, DC or DC Pulsed source power supplies
* Turbo pumping group
* Pressure control
* Up to 4 MFCs
* In Situ 2D Curvature and Thin-Film Stress Monitoring
* In situ ellipsometry
* Supervision/ Process control: PC software connected to a PLC


* Thickness Homogeneity : < ± 5%
* Vacuum Base Pressure (deposition chamber) :10-8 mbar
* Heating : up to 800°C under oxygen rich environment
* Adjustable distance from source to substrate :100 mm stroke
* From simple to complex layers