MC-series Mixer cylinder


The MC series are dual end piston type cylinders capable of storing and mixing a great variety of fluids over a vast range of pressures and temperatures. The sample fluid is isolated from the hydraulic driving fluid via a floating piston while a magnetically driven mixer located in the sample fluid chamber assures proper agitation. The mixer is magnetically coupled through the accumulator end cap, to a drive system which incorporates a permanent magnet driven by a variable speed DC motor. An electronic controller allows mixer activation and speed regulation. The cylinder can be operated in either the upright or inverted position. Both end caps are fitted with an inlet/outlet port for fluid introduction or fluid sampling. A robust handle facilitates handling.


Pressure : 10,000 psi or 15,000 psi
Max Temperature
: 150°C or 200°C
Cell volume
: 500 cc or 1,000cc or 2,000 cc
: 316 stainless steel or hastelloy
Power supply
: 220 VAC, 50 Hz
Approx weight
: 30 Kg


* H2S resistant
* The impeller provides a minimum dead volume
* Provide rigorous agitation of entire fluid sample
* Capable of mixing high viscosity samples up to 1,000 cp
* High speed, allows equilibrium to be reached in minimum time
* Reduces operating time for establishing phase equilibrium on sample.