Sample Restoration Apparatus


Samples collected from the reservoir are transferred into sample cylinders. Prior to transportation, the pressure in the cylinder is reduced below the bubble point so that a gas cap may form; the purpose being to compensate for potential temperature-related pressure build-ups. Therefore, the sample must be restored to its original, reservoir conditions upon arrival to the laboratory. The restoration apparatus does just that: heating with an external heating jacket, pressurization with an external high pressure pump and a thorough agitation assured by an efficient rocking mechanism. The chassis is equipped with four heavy duty casters to facilitate displacement. The model can simultaneously process up to one, two or six samples.


Temperature : Ambient to 200°C
Temperature accuracy : ± 5°C
Diameter of cylinder : 80 to 100 mm (other upon request)
Length of  cylinder : 500 to 750 mm (other upon request)
Power supply : 220 VAC ,50 Hz


* Efficient agitation
* Fast heating
* Very accurate regulation
* Easy to move
* Easy cylinder mounting