MRR 1000-Mobile recombination and restoration apparatus


This apparatus recombines at reservoir-representative conditions, the right proportions of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons sampled from separators to yield a hydrocarbon mixture closely resembling that of the reservoir. The apparatus can be also used as a restoration unit by simply replacing the recombination cell with a shipping cylinder. Ideal for field applications, the device is supplied with a dedicated container to facilitate transport and handling. The sample cylinder is wrapped with the heating jacket and then mounted on the motorized rocking system to provide the means to agitate the fluid under pressure and temperature.


Cell Volume : 1,000 cc
Pressure : 15,000 psi (1,000 bar)
Max working temperature : Ambient to 200°C (400 °F)
Wetted material : Stainless steel, viton
Pressure accuracy : 0,1 % FS
Temperature accuracy : ± 0.5 °C
Power supply : 220 VAC 50 Hz


* Very fast recombination operation due to the magnetic driven stirrer
* Versatile, can be used as recombination and restoration unit
* The cell can be set in upright and inverted position by means of a motorized rocking system