Educational PVT cell for phase behavior analysis

Click to download the datasheet FLuid eval-Educational.pdf


The educational Fluid Eval is a compact PVT cell designed for small volume PVT, thermodynamic properties and phase behavior studies of black oil and gas condensate samples. The PVT cell is composed of an efficient fluid mixer mounted on the piston, a dedicated visual head, two sampling valves, an accurate pressure transducer and an electric heater enabling a homogeneous temperature control. A digital camera system monitors the liquid/gas interface through the sapphire windows. During differential vaporization or flash liberation, the removal of the gas phase is facilitated by the full visibility of the gas/oil interface through the cell window. For oil studies, the cell is in an upright position, and is inverted for gas condensate experiments.


Pressure : 10,000 psi
Temperature : Ambient to 175°C (350 °F)
Temperature regulation : ± 0.5 °C
Cell volume : 100 cc
Volume accuracy : 0.01 ml
Pressure accuracy : 0.1% Full scale
Power supply : 220 VAC 50/60 Hz


* Versatile design
* Cost effective PVT cell
* Designed for instructional purposes
* Perfectly suited for educational and research establishments
* Mercury free operation
* Requires small sample volume
* Computer controlled with PVT reporting facilities
* Automated phase detection and phase volume measurement
* Video camera system for recording PVT experiments in real time
* Magnetically driven stirrer for rapid phase equilibrium
* Manual rocking system for cell positioning