GOR apparatus


The GOR apparatus measures the gas-oil ratio of live oil sample at standard conditions. The system comprises two 75cc pycnometers, a liquid trap, a gas recirculation pump and a flow meter. Live oil is transferred from the PVT cell into the first pycnometer whose atmospheric pressure conditions cause a flash liberation. Then the outlet valve of this pycnometer is opened, so that the gas phase can travel to the gasometer via another pycnometer. In order to ensure that vapor-liquid equilibrium has been reached, after the gasometer, the gas is recirculated through both pycnometers and readings are subsequently performed after stabilization. After the gas recirculation, the gas volume is read from the gasometer, while the dead oil volume is measured gravimetrically. The ratio of these quantities yields the GOR.


Temperature : Ambient
Flow rate : 100 cc/min
Pressure : atmospheric
Material : Stainless steel


* Representative homogeneous samples
* Easy to use