PVT training

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Vinci Technlogies offers open and in-house training courses on PVT  equipment including the main PVT cell cell and ancllary devices.  This  training  ensures the trainees to master all the various possibilities and functions of the equipment and to use them properly.  It also allows the end-users to face minor running difficulties when occurring and to change the corresponding consumable and/or spare parts. The training thus reduces in the future costs linked to both time of non-operation and after sales service.

The training  is divided into three sessions:

Theoretical training: A scientific session will encompass all the aspects of the equipment methodology and its applications in petroleum industry, in order to improve the knowledge of the personnel and improve their potential applications.

Practical training: A session will cover the following aspect of the instrument:

* Installation , local connection and start up
* Principle of the apparatus

* Principle of the different analytical techniques (thermodynamical conditions; different cycles)

*   Presentation of the associated software: the most part of our equipment have the automatic functions by home-made applications to become a complex operation in a simple acquisition data, during the training the personnel will be able to carry out any test completely alone.

* Applications of the method in the industry

* Experimental work: In order to make this training more attractive, real samples will be  analyzed during the training and for which the analytical results will be discussed.