Full visual PVT system for reservoir fluid analysis

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The Visual Fluid-Eval PVT system performs hydrocarbon phase behavior studies at reservoir-representative conditions of pressure and temperature. Characterized by a full visual cell, the apparatus warrants excellent reliability on black oil, volatile oil and gas condensate samples. The full visual cell is particularly suited for studies requiring visual monitoring of the hydrocarbon sample, e.g. swelling tests, volatile oil and gas condensates studies. The system utilizes an embedded high-pressure pump to control and monitor the fluid pressure and volume within the cell. A single cell is employed for both oil and gas condensates studies. For oil studies, the cell is in the upright position whereas for gas condensate studies, it is inverted to maximize the dew point detection efficiency. Cell rotation is achieved via a powerful motorized rocking mechanism. A video camera system continuously surveils the gas/liquid interface and measures the volume of retrograde condensate during gas condensate studies. A magnetically coupled stirrer mounted inside the sample chamber provides efficient fluid mixing and ensures fast thermophysical equilibrium. Homogeneous sample heating is generated by heating cartridges embedded in the cell body.


Pressure / volume:  15,000 psi / 400 ml (Visual Fluid Eval model)
Temperature : Ambient to 200°C (option: -20°C)
Temperature regulation : ± 0.2 °C
Volume accuracy : 0.001 ml
Pressure accuracy : 0.02% Full scale
Liquid deposit accuracy : ± 0.005 ml
Power supply : 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz 


* Versatile design
* Mercury free operation
* Minimum dead volume
* Full sample visibility for greater operational capability
* Embedded pump for precise pressure control and volume measurement
* Video camera system for recording PVT experiments in real time
* Magnetic driven stirrer for rapid phase equilibrium
* Motorized rocking system for cell positioning
* High temperature pressure transducer with extreme accuracy
* Special polyimide sealing resistant against fast gas decompression
* Sub-ambient temperature control