High pressure high temperature Density cell


The HP HT density cell handles reservoir fluids at pressures and temperatures up to 10 Kpsi and 175 °C, respectively. The principle consists of transferring the sample into the cell at reservoir conditions and weighing it using a high resolution balance. The sample density is calculated by simply dividing the weight of the sample (i.e. weight of the filled cell minus weight of the evacuated cell) by the known, precisely measured cell volume. This method provides reliable, exact and repeatable results under any condition. The density resolution is mainly dependent upon the accuracy of the balance used. Combined with a balance with a weighing accuracy of 1 mg, a resolution of 0.0006 g/cm3 is achieved.


Volume: 4 cc
Weight: 182.15 grams
Max pressure: 10,000 psi (700 bar)
Max temperature: 175°C
Material: Titanium 


* Easy to use
* Cost effective