Multistage separator apparatus


In the high-pressure reservoir, fluids exist for the most part, in one phase. Upon exiting the well, the phases dissociate and therefore must be transported separately. Therefore, the effluent hydrocarbons from the well head pass through a set of separators at different pressures which yield the optimum economical recovery of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons; in an oil field, this equates to maximizing the produced liquid volume, i.e. minimizing the oil formation volume factor (Bo) and Gas-Oil-Ratio (GOR); the opposite being true for a gas field. The optimization parameters in the separation process are pressure and temperature. The Vinci multi-stage separator apparatus accurately simulates the reservoir fluid surface separation process and allows the optimum pressure variation regime to be determined by monitoring pressure and/or temperature-related changes in formation volume factor and gas-oil ratios. The device can also be utilized to validate theoretical models.


Working pressure : up to 200 bar (3,000 psi)
Working temperature : 10 to 100 °C (215 °F)
Volume of the separator cell: 250 ml,
Stirring mechanism : magnetic driven stirrer
Pressure accuracy : 0.1 %
Temperature accuracy : +/-0.1 °C
Volume accuracy : 0.01 ml
Electrical : 220 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 phase


* Rapid equilibrium conditions
* Accurate liquid and gas volume measurement
* Efficient sample agitation