DR 3003-Vacuum oven


The portable vacuum oven DR 3003 incorporates all the advantages of the conventional vacuum oven at a small scale. Its small dimensions make it an efficient and convenient laboratory accessory. Furthermore the glass bell provides a total (360°) visibility of the products being dried.The main components of the portable oven are a machined stainless steel heating plate and a glass bell, designed to withstand the internal and external pressure difference. The sealing is secured by a Viton O-ring between the heating plate and the bell. The total volume is approximately 5 litres and the maximum usable volume is 0.6 litres. The required temperature is easily adjusted by a digital display electronic regulator. Heat is transferred from the heating plate via conduction. A small volume and compact design guarantee a fast heating process. The portable vacuum oven is safe, user-friendly, and extremely durable.


Vacuum: 10-3 mm Hg (0.13 Pa)
Temperature: 30°C to 170°C (precision 0.3%)
Material: stainless steel 316L
Seal: Viton O-ring
Overall dimensions: 340 x 320 x 270 mm
Weight: 13 kg
Inside diameter of bell: 230 mm
Inside height of bell: 130 mm
Glass bell volume: 5 l
Power supply: 220V /50 Hz  or 110 V / 60 Hz


* User friendly and reliable.
* Light and small
* Accurate temperature control.
* Allow to work under inert atmosphere.
* Visual control during drying operation.