SGL 200-Slicing, grinding and lapping machine


The multi-purpose SGL200 can slice, grind and lap specimens using only one instrument. A high grade steel lapping disc, diamond-cutting blade, diamond-grinding wheel, and versatile vacuum chuck for various slide sizes are the key components of the machine. The latter grasps the thin section during slicing and grinding operations. The sample is directly transferred from the cutting blade to the grinding wheel, by virtue of a manually rotated wheel, thereby facilitating the procedure and saving time. An adjustable screw controls the slicing thickness while a precision micrometer monitors grinding thickness of thin section. Sample lapping consists of first manually holding the sample in place while a silicon carbide solution is periodically poured over the disc.


Specimen size: two specimens of 30x45mm or 1”x1.5” one specimen of 60x45 mm or 1”x 3” (other upon request)
Slicing Blade: Ø200mm
Grinding wheel: straight cup-wheel, Ø200.
Grit 46 Lapping disc diameter: 200 mm
Lapping disc speed: 150 rpm
Lubricants: water
Motor speed: 3,000 rpm
Weight: 50 kg
Dimensions: 640x340x350 mm
Power supply: 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz


* Three functions in one instrument
* Compact, simple and robust
* Fast and very accurate slicing, grinding and lapping operations