SS 150-High-precision silicing saw


The SS 150 machine allows to thin slide-mounted rock chips as low as 200-µm prior to final lapping with an extreme precision. The compact bench-top unit is made of a heavy duty frame that provides stable and vibration free base. The 150-mm-diameter diamond cutting blade, powered by an AC motor, rotates at fixed speed of 4,000 RPM. A sliding weight arm enables the end user to exert constant force on specimen while cutting. The saw blade passes parallel to the slide holder at an adjustable distance, from 0.2 mm to 20 mm. The distance can be accurately set using a digital micrometer that precisely controls specimen thickness with a resolution of 5 µm. A versatile vacuum chuck allows various slide sizes to be used. A cutting compartment with transparent hood collects the coolant, thus reducing splashing and reducing noise. The device sits on a cabinet that includes a coolant recirculation unit made of a 10-litre capacity coolant tank and induction pump. A single stage rotary vacuum pump provides the specimen holder with vacuum source.


Specimen size: two specimens of 30x45mm or 1”x1.5” one specimen of 60x45 mm or 1”x 3” (other upon request)
Minimum specimen thickness: 200 µm
Cutting resolution: 5 µm
Cutting speed: 4,000 RPM
Slicing blade: Ø150mm
Saw blade thickness: 1-mm 
Lubricants: Water
Motor speed: 3,000 rpm
Weight: 150 kg
Dimensions: 700x700x1300 mm
Power supply: 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz


* Vibration-free operations
* Excellent cut quality and uniformity
* Produces ultra-thin specimen reducing subsequent lapping time
* Easy access for rapid and effortless cleaning
* Multiple slides of varying sizes