BJ 12-Bonding jigs


The bonding jig is designed to provide a uniform thickness of bonding material between specimens and glass sides. Bond the rock sample on its glass slide is a very important step in the thin section preparation. The success of grinding, lapping and polishing steps depends of the quality of bonding. The objective is to obtain very thin layers of glue. First, a thin layer of epoxy resin is applied on both the glass slide and the specimen. The glass slide is then manually stuck on the sample. To improve the bonding, the complete assembly is placed on the heating bonding press which allows to bond specimen and glass slide under pressure and temperature: The specimen is pressed on its glass slide thanks to an individual weight whereas the temperature is controlled from 20°C to 130°C +/- 2°C to ensure perfect bonding.


Temperature: 20 to 130°C
Weight: 10 Kg
Dimensions: 217 x 124 x 708 mm
Power supply: 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz


* Heating system
* No springs
* Individual weights
* Up to 12 samples prepared in a row