LGP 250-Manual lapping, grinding and polishing machine


The LGP 250 is a complete apparatus specifically designed for small-scale lapping, grinding and polishing operations. In low production volume applications, the device is an ideal educational tool for practical laboratory modules, where the goal is to familiarize students with the final thin section preparation steps. The robust, simple to use system provides high quality polished finish for a minimum investment. The disc speed can be varied from 10-600 rpm, during manual grinding, lapping and polishing processes and the final oxide suspension polishing. The LGP 250 allows for lapping on cast iron discs with SiC lapping powder, grinding with magnetic diamond grinding disc available in different grades and polishing with polishing cloths or magnetic polishing disc.


Variable speed: 10 to 600 RPM
Specimen size: 30x45mm or 60x45 mm (other upon request)
Plate diameter: 250 mm
Dimensions:526 x 589 x 380 mm
Weight: 50 kg
Power supply: 220 VAC - 50/60 Hz


* Vibration free at low speeds
* Easy accessibility for fast cleaning
* Manual lapping and grinding