Quick modeling module


The module is a very efficient tool to calibrate the kinetics parameters obtained by either the quick and multi kinetics modules. The latter are entered into the quick modeling module to simulate the client's basin production and then compared with the real production.
Various sets of kinetics parameters are tested and the best one that fits the real production is selected.
If the burial law of the client's basin is available (i.e. formation depth, geological time and geothermal gradient), the module can be used to determine its maturity degree (Ro) with the simulated Vitrinite reflectance, transformation ratio (TR) and produced hydrocarbons quantities.
If the client's basin burial law is not available, the user can still use the Parisian sedimentary basin model given as a reference with this module. The burial law(sedimentary data) and the true experimental production data of this basin are included (transformation ratio and hydrocarbons contains in mg/g TOC).