RSS 400-Radial slabbing saw


The RSS 400 is a versatile diamond impregnated radial blade used for sectioning large specimens down to a manageable size. The RSS 400 includes a robust iron worktable, with antirust protection, a blade guard for saw blade, a motor  to power the saw, a  sample trolley on ball bearing guide with sample holder, a shut off button, a coolant feeding system, a coolant recovery pan  and a diamond impregnated saw blade.


Saw blade diameter: 400 mm (16'')
Maximum cutting depth: 125 mm (5")
Max core length: 300 mm
Compatible coolants: Water and oil
Power supply: 220 VAC , 50/60 Hz Weight: 100 kg


* Simple and robust
* Ideal to cut from big to small samples
* Can be used with or without sample holder