Geoworks-Geochemical software

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GEOWORKS is Vinci’s latest geochemical analysis software. It incorporates all of the improved functionalities of its predecessor Rockint as well as new modules, e.g. sulfur quantification, kinetics studies, shale gas interpretation, solvent extraction simulation, curve shape factor quantification, etc… The core module's purpose is the raw data acquisition, visualization and potential correction using the interactive cursor. Seven different analysis methods are available to account for sample nature: bulk rock, (pure) kerogen, reservoir, pure oil, coal, gas shale and multi-heating rate. Results from GEOWORKS have immediate relevance in well to well correlation, and data comparison. The most notable differences between GEOWORKS and Rockint are a flexible, user-friendly search engine and file storage process, compatibility with Windows 64 bit operating systems, the visualization of sulfur dioxide parameters (pyrolysis, oxidation, sulfate), automatic window sizing, many more comprehensive and inclusive functions and online help with our qualified engineers.

Geoworks® covers the different analysis methods to account for sample nature through calculation software which help in the automated determination of:

-Type, quality and quantity of kerogen,
- Light oil, heavy oil and NSO compounds quantities in reservoirs
- Organic and mineral Sulfur quantification (SO2 peaks)
- Shale gas interpretation: total quantities of gas and oil generated (free and adsorbed gas)
- Many other parameters accessible from different modules available in the software

Optionally, the software can be equipped with a

-Study management module
-Quick-kinetics module
-CleanSim module
-Multi-kinetics module
-Quick modeling module
-HTML reports module