Sheartest 100M-Manual rock Direct shear tester


The SHEARTEST-100M is a versatile and robust, manually-operated direct-shear system. The device hydraulically applies simultaneous normal and shear forces on a rock sample located in a specimen shear box. Shear and normal displacements and forces are recorded by a dedicated computing station. These data are then used to derive the rock’s shear strength parameters, including the cohesion (c) and the friction angle (Ø).

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Manufacturer: Floxlab
Standard: ASTM D5607, IRSM
Normal load capacity : 50 kN
Shear load capacity: 100 kN
Max. normal displacement : 25 mm
Max. shear displacement : 25 mm
Sample rig diameter : 150 mm
Sample height: 150 mm
Weigh: 250 kg
Power supply: 110-220VAC, 50/60Hz 


* ASTM compliant
* Cost effective solution
* Stiff load reaction frame