FTA 100-Fracture toughness tester


The FTA tester is designed to determine the rock fracture toughness of chevron notched core specimens in the three point bend configuration. This property is used for rock classification and characterization with regard to crack propagation resistance. The apparatus comprises a 10-KN load frame, a load cell, a 3-point bend fixture and a computer station. A rock sample, prepared with a chevron or V-shaped notch cut perpendicular to the core axis, rests on two support rollers while a compressive load is applied to press apart the notch sides. This causes transverse splitting of the specimen by crack growth and coalescence in the unnotched part of the cross section. The load is measured with a dedicated load cell while the load point displacement and the crack mouth opening displacement (CMOD) are measured with two LVDT transducers and a clip-on gage, respectively. These measurements are then used to derive the rock fracture toughness of both level I and II.

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Manufacturer: Floxlab 
Standard: ISRM suggested method 
Compression load capacity: 100 kN 
Specimen diameter:  up to 54 mm (2.125 inches) and 100 mm (4 inches) 
Specimen length :16 inches
 Wetted parts: High grade stainless steel 


* Designed for easy and quick installation
* ISRM-compliant device
* Designed for testing a range of specimen diameters