THC-series Triaxial Hoek cell


The Hoek Cell is utilized in triaxial compression tests which yield crucial strength and elastic rock properties, e.g. shear strengths at different confining pressures, internal friction angle, cohesion intercept and Young’s modulus. The cell can be designed to accommodate samples having diameters ranging from 21.5 mm to 63.5 mm (HQ). The specimen is placed between two movable loading pistons and compressed by means of a load frame. A special sleeve isolates the sample from the hydraulic confining fluid. The Hoek Cell comprises a hollow steel cylinder with threaded removable ends, two hard-resistance spherically seated loading pistons and a sleeve. The cylinder includes two self-sealing couplings; one of them is for connecting to the hydraulic pressure system and the other one for de-airing the cell chamber. Integrated strain gauges warrant the discernment of the failure envelope along with the aforementioned properties.

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Manufacturer: Floxlab
Core diameter: up to 63.5 mm
Core length : twice the diameter
Loading length: 400 mm
Max confining pressure : 70 MPa
Wetted parts: Stainless steel
Power supply: 110-220VAC, 50/60Hz 


*Easy to operate
* Models available for different specimen sizes
* High pressure capability
* ASTM-compliant