TAC-series Triaxial acoustic cell


The triaxial acoustic cell is used to propagate compressional (P) and shear waves (S1/S2) through a rock specimen at overburden pressure and ambient temperature. The specimen is placed between two movable loading pistons and compressed by means of a load frame. A special sleeve isolates the sample from the hydraulic confining fluid. This unique design allows rapid loading / unloading of samples without the necessity to drain the confinement fluid and remove the core sleeve. The cell comprises a hollow steel cylinder with threaded removable ends, two hard-resistance spherically seated acoustic loading platens, two female spherical seats and a sleeve. A compression testing frame provides the axial load to the specimen. It consists of a hydraulic ram and a rigid four-column crosshead frame. The axial pressure is applied by a hand-operated pressure pump that is also used to generate the confining pressure.

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Manufacturer: Floxlab
Core diameter: 1-inch, 1.5-inches
Core length : twice the diameter
Temperaure: ambient
Max confining pressure : 70 MPa
Wetted parts: Stainless steel 
Frequency: 1 Mhz
Frequency: P, S1 and S2


*Easy to operate
* Models available for different specimen sizes
* High pressure capability
* ASTM-compliant