ROCLAB-Rock compressibility system


TThe fully automated ROCLAB system performs at in-situ temperatures, pore and bulk volume compressibility measurements of rock specimens under either hydrostatic stress, triaxial stress or uniaxial strain control. The apparatus consists of a controlled temperature pressure vessel which accommodates various loading platens with different diameters and three servo-controlled syringe pumps to respectively control the pore, radial and axial pressures. A diametral extensometer is utilized for radial strain measurement during compressibility tests while radial deformations are obtained with three LVDT sensors. An in-vessel strain-gaged load cell provides a direct reading of the axial force applied to the specimen.

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Manufacturer: Floxlab
Core Diameter: 1 inch, 30 mm and 1.5 inches
Core Length : up to 4 inches
Max pore pressure : 100 Mpa
Max confining pressure : 100 Mpa
Max axial stress : 100 Mpa
Working temperature : ambient to 150° C
Material: Stainless steel or Hastelloy
Power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz


* Includes in-vessel strain sensors for uniaxial-strain compressibility tests
* Simulates actual reservoir production stress path
* Accounts for inelastic behavior of reservoir rock
* Measures compaction directly from axial strain