PC-series Passive triaxial cell


The PC-series passive triaxial cell serves as a chamber in which cylindrical rock specimens can be subjected to both axial and radial compression loading. Triaxial stresses are imposed by applying a circumferential confining pressure, in tandem with an axial load. The cell must be placed in a dedicated axial load frame. The sample is fitted into a Teflon sleeve between hardened steel endcaps and the assembly is immersed in confining pressurized oil. Electrical feed-through connectors, integrated into the cell base, permit the installation of in-vessel instrumentation, e.g. axial and radial deformation measurement devices, ultrasonic platens, and other special transducers to be used. Top & bottom pore fluid ports for pore pressure tests at both upper and lower platens are an integral part of the cell architecture. A low friction loading piston is provided with the triaxial cell. Different diameter platens, pistons and additional feed through connectors can be supplied to perform custom sample geometry tests. If required, the cell can also be provided with a heating mantle.

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Manufacturer: Floxlab
Core diameter: up to 54.7 mm (model 1) and up to 100 mm (model 2)
Core length : twice the diameter
Max confining pressure : 70/140 MPa
Working temperature : ambient to 150° C
Wetted parts: Stainless steel


* Easy to operate
* Models available for different specimen sizes
* High pressure, high temperature capability
* ASTM-compliant