MECATRANS-Transfer Tunnel


The ability to grow, control, manipulate and design materials from the atomic/nano-level via microstructure to macrostructure levels is a major driver both for fundamental research and applied technology in the Thin Films. The MECATRANS allows for the combination of deposition, analysis and post deposition treatment techniques, all connected under Ultra High Vacuum (UHV). The samples are transported through the UHV pipeline on this monorail train. By means of transfer rods, the samples can be exchanged between the train and the connected chambers. The MECATRANS accommodates for a 12 two-inch sample holder on the internal monorail. 

The video shows the transfer of the 2” molyblock receptacle from the carriage onto the SiC heater. The PLD 1” targets are transported and transferred in the same manner. So we never bring the chamber up to atmosphere only for maintenance. In the video you can also see the High pressure RHEED with regards to sample manipulator. Shutter for sample manipulator and a limited angle view of the RF Plasma source. 


* 10-10 mbar Ultra High Vacuum tunnels for substrate transfer
* Magnetic coupling (friction-free movment - zero particule contamination)
* Sublimation & ion pumping group
* Train for 12 substrate
* Load lock chamberHigh transport speed (50 cm/s)
* 304L/316L stainless steel
* 2 inch or special substrate holders
* 200°C bakeout temperature
* Customizable length
* Low maintenance equipment
* Automated motion (option)