PVD20-EB Electron Beam Evaporator


The PVD20 is a modular cost efficient Physical Vapor Deposition system with a D-shaped chamber. It is dedicated to the thermal evaporation of materials: Thermal, Organic or E-Beam . The fully automated solution is ideal for small batch production in an R&D Environment. The PVD20-EB is equipped with a E-gun with 8 x 8cc rotable crucibles and a loadlock. 

The scientific report which has been published by the Tel Aviv University at the Center for Nanoscience & Nanotechnoloy in the Chaoul Center for Nanoscale Systems, is the fruit of research work using the Vinci Technologies PVD20 E-Beam evaporator system: PVD-20 scientific report


* Vacuum limit : 10-7 mbar range or better
* Substrate diameter : up to 6 inches
* 8x8 cc electron beam source (Ti, Au, Ag, Al, Cr, W, Pt)
* 1 x secured cryopumping group (short pumping cycles)
* Gas panel for Ar
* Rotating and water cooled substrate holder
* Full access front door for easy maintenance
* Load-lock chamber with RF plasma pre-cleaning
* Accurate control of the deposition rates
* Complete supervision of the system with management of pumping, venting, making of complex recipes...