PVD6-Six sources Magnetron Sputtering (3") Deposition System


The PVD6 is a Physical Vapor Deposition system dedicated to the sputtering deposition process of materials with up to 6 sources (3").
 Its evolutionary design is particularly adapted to laboratory requirements in terms of every day applications, its simplicity to use and its competitive price.
This system can also be equipped with a load lock chamber to reach a limit pressure in the range of 10-8 mbar and faster preparation time.

The system mainly includes:

* Stainless steel chamber – 500 mm diameter
* Fast Entry Frontal Door with viewports
* Up to 6’’ substrate diameter with rotation, heating and cooling (see options)
* Substrate polarization
* Up to 6 sputtering sources 3" with pneumatic shutters
* RF, DC or DC Pulsed source power supplies
* Turbo pumping group
* Full range and capacitive pressure measurement
* Venting valve
* Mass Flow Controller for Gas Line
* Pressure regulation by throttle valve 
 * Supervision/ Process control: PC software connected to a PLC


Thickness Homogeneity : ± 5%
Deposition Rate Reading Precision : 0.01 A
Vacuum Base Pressure (deposition chamber) :10-8 mbar
Turbo pump : 550 L/s on N2