PD-series Semi-permeable porous disc


The semi-permeable porous disc is commonly used in capillary pressure cells to allow the wetting phase to flow through but not the non-wetting phase. It is made from alpha alumina material whose pore size prevents the displacing fluid from penetrating the disc when a specific pressure, lower than the desired threshold pressure, is applied to it. Two types of discs are available depending on the value of the differential pressure gradient; 200 psi for standard capillary pressure tests or 1,000 psi for high capillary pressure measurements. Different disc sizes can also be provided. Lastly, they can be chemically treated to be water-wet or oil-wet.


Wettability: water wet or oil wet
Pressure gradient: 200 psi or 1,000 psi
Diameter: 20 mm, 1 inch, 30 mm, 1.5 inch
Material: alpha alumina
Temperature: up to 200°C (water-wet), 175°C (oil-wet)
Fluids used: gas, oil, water