NMR-series Core Holder


The NMR Series core holders are standard hydrostatic type core holders employed in MRI imaging studies. One great advantage of these core holders is the application of both radial and axial (equal) confining pressures. These vessels comprise a composite body in which a PEEK liner has been inserted. A cylindrical core sample is fitted in a Teflon sleeve and mounted onto two floating platens through which the fluid passes via a ¼” diameter tubing. This design enables firm contact between the platens and core sample for a wide range of core lengths. To change a core sample, the confining fluid must be drained and the two end-plug removed. Subsequently the core can be removed from the sleeve. Loading a new core sample is carried out by performing this procedure backwards.


Max outer tube diameter: 75 mm (type 1) and  51 mm (type 2)
Operating pressure rating: 5,000 psi (type 1) and 3,000 psi (type 2)
Operating temperature: up to 150°C
Max tube length: 480 mm
Core diameter: 1 and 1.5 inches  (type 1) and 1inch  (type 2)
Core length: up to 4"
Wetted parts: Titanium and PEEK
Body material: Glass fiber
Liner: PEEK
Sleeve material:Teflon
Loading: hydrostatic
Inlet port: one
Outlet port: one 
Fitting: 1/4"