QRC-series Quick release Core Holder


The QRC Series are Hassler type core holders which permit loading without complete core holder disassembly; achieved via an innovative ¼ turn, fast-release bayonet mechanism. Another convenient characteristic of the QRC series core holder is that the sleeve remains inside the core holder; the core is loaded from one end without the need of filling/draining the confining fluid. By releasing the confining pressure and unscrewing the end plug, the core sample can easily be removed without exposure to the hydraulic fluid, i.e. nitrogen or hydraulic oil. This avoids assembly/disassembly-related sleeve damage. Furthermore, experimental preparation is much faster and easier; therefore these vessels are particularly suited for low pressure, short duration experiments.


Operating pressure rating: 400 psi, 1,000 psi or 5,000 psi
Operating temperature: ambient and up to 80°C
Fitting: NPT
Core diameter: Customer specified
Core length: Customer specified
Wetted parts: Stainless steel
Sleeve material: Nitrile
Inlet port: As request
Outlet port: As request