DVPA-series Digital volume piston accumulator


The DVPA series is a floating piston accumulator equipped with an integrated LVDT (linear variable differential transformer) to monitor piston position. The LVDT is mounted inside the driving fluid chamber between the cylinder’s cap end and the piston. As the piston extends or retracts, its motion causes displacement of the LVDT and produces an analogue signal directly proportional to the piston displacement. The piston location, and hence the total sample volume in the accumulator can be accurately measured and displayed. The digital volume display can also be connected to a computer to enable continuous communication and logging. This accumulator module is particularly suited for core flooding experiments as it grants continuous awareness of fluid sample reserves.


Displaced volume measurement: 500 ml and 1,000 ml
Volume accuracy: +/- 2 ml
Pressure : up to 10,000 psi 
Wetted parts : stainless steel and hastelloy
Temperature : Ambient to 150°C
Power supply : 110-220 VAC, 50/60 Hz


* Provided with a digital volume display which can be hooked up to a computer for sample recording versus time.